The Many Layers of Level Six

May 16, 2016

Depending on the river and weather conditions, here are my most favourite Level Six layering suggestions that keep you the perfect temperature for a comfortable, safe experience down the river.


Layer 1 - Swimsuit

  • Better than walking around with wet undergarments for hours after getting off the river.
  • It's super cute so why wouldn't you wear one?
  • It's comfortable!


Layer 2 - Hot Fuzz Unisuit

  • This Unisuit is low profile, yet super warm. No bulking anywhere under your paddling gear.
  • Covers up every part of your arms/legs/torso. No sneaking up of fabric and having your gear touch your skin... YUCK!
  • You feel like a ninja!
  • You can sleep in it

Warmth Option# 2

Hot Fuzz Fleece Top/Bottom

  • Great option to have in case you ONLY want fleece on your upper body or lower body.
  • Same benefits as the unisuit with the low profile and no bulking.
  • It's easier to go pee..for us ladies


Layer 3 - Drysuit

  • SO incredibly comfortable. Allows for full and easy ROM in every movement, from getting in and out of your kayak to taking those big paddle strokes.
  • Super stylish with the best colors EVER.
  • Keeps you dry and warm without feeling heavy and bulky.

Layer 3 - Drytop/Drypants

  • Perfect for late spring/early summer whwen you want to make that attempt to paddle in something other than your drysuit (since you've been using that all winter already). This combo keeps you dry, but isn't seamless like a drysuit.
  • This option allows for versatility in your paddling layers.
  • They are really cool colors, lightweight, yet water-wicking and warm.

Warm Weather Option

Neoprene Shorts (Full Monty)

  • Keeps you really warm with the neoprene lining. Perfect for the raft guide and warm weather paddling.
  • Super stylish with a casual, fun fit.
  • Great colors to add that variation in your paddling gear selections.

Okay, so there it is... "The many Layers of Level Six". They have something for everything and everyone! I have always liked functionality and quality, combined with style in every sport that I do. When I play hard, I can't help it..I want to look good!!! And, Level Six satisfies all my requirements. 

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