Community & Initiatives

Life on the Water for Everyone

As a community, we are stronger when we embrace our diversity. Level Six strives to create a respectful, inclusive, stigma-free and supportive culture within our watersports community and internally as a company. We want all individuals to experience the joy and personal growth that comes with life on the water.

Community Development & Sustainability Initiatives

At Level Six we realize that we need to conserve our watersheds and give back to the water sports communities. Therefore, Level Six has introduced various community development and sustainability initiatives that give back.  Our current initiatives are:

1% for Watershed Conservation

As a company and as industry leaders, we recognize that we have a responsibility to conserve our watersheds for all to enjoy. Every year we take 1% of our direct retail sales and donate it to various watershed conservation organizations across North America. Our livelihood depends on having clean and navigable waterways to explore and experience.   

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Our Pledge to The Environment

The amount of single use plastic and waste in the retail industry is staggering. At Level Six, we continually strive to find ways to minimize our use of single use plastic packaging. Where possible we use 100% recycled cardboard, starch based compostable bags for individually wrapped items, single bag liners for bulk shipments, and rolled clothing items tied with twine. It is our perpetual goal to mitigate our impact on our natural environment and lead the water sports industry towards a brighter and more environmentally sustainable future. 

We plan to assess our carbon footprint and look into working towards becoming a carbon neutral business in the future. We would do this by using a company like to calculate and offset our footprint by the planting of native trees in Canada

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Diversity In The Outdoors

We have teamed up with the Yonkers paddling & rowing club and their Hudson River Riders program to give young people and adults from disadvantaged neighbourhoods the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities, environmental education, recreational paddling and skills training in kayaking & stand-up paddle-boarding.

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We have also team up with Project Canoe. They offer therapeutic and educational outdoor programming to Ontario youth in both wilderness and urban environments.

Their focus is on youth who might otherwise miss out on the experience of outdoor adventure as a result of systemic or mental health barriers they face in their lives. 

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The Level Six Youth Paddling Scholarship

This scholarship program was introduced as a measure to get more young people on the water to experience adventure and build self-confidence.

Level Six has teamed up with five of the top kayak schools in Canada and the US to sponsor twelve youths. These twelve young individuals will get the opportunity to go to a kayak school and learn the fundamentals of paddling. Our goal is to create lifelong paddlers who will drive the future of paddle sports forward for generations to come.

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Community Event Sponsorships

We sponsor community events across the globe. From races and festivals to demos and clinics, we try our best to help support community leaders who promote and take steps to actively grow water sports in their respective communities.

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Manufacturing Code of Conduct

Level Six uses the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiatives) as our framework for our product sustainability standards. We do our best to follow this model across all our supply chains and will continue to work with factories that follow good labour practices. This is one part of our commitment to the overall well being of the environment and our sustainability initiatives. 

The ETI Framework is as follows:

1. Employment is freely chosen

2. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected

3. Working conditions are safe and hygienic

4. Child labour shall not be used

5. Living wages are paid

6. Working hours are not excessive

7. No discrimination is practised

8. Regular employment is provided

9. No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed

During the design process we strive to use as much recycled content as possible within our products and work with our factories to create new materials that are more environmentally sustainable.