Revi BC

Feb 6, 2014
Revelstoke is a Mecca for a ton of outdoor sports, skiing, boarding, climbing, biking and of course kayaking. Each year I pass through Revi to catch up with friends and sample the goods, however timing can be difficult with rain sometimes causing a big rise in water levels.
This year I happened to find a few other foreigners that had some spare time and wanted to take a rip on the Jordan river, Revelstokes finest. The Jordan was just dropping in and I didn't have too much time to wait for it to come down to the appropriate level, so with just one car we got on and went for a rip
Despite being a bit on the high side the Jordan provided the sought after treats and we had a couple of epic laps. This river is most definitely one of my favourites. After running (literally) shuttle a few times, and after we were satisfied with the few laps we got, we headed north to 
Clearwater for their annual festival and partied, what awesome few days on the river shouldn't finish with a festival?

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