New Haven Ledges Race is the Real Deal! (See Results Here)

Apr 14, 2014

The New Haven Ledges Race is the real deal! This past weekend on the 12 of april the New Haven Ledges Race went off in spectacular fashion. With stiff competition and a solid race course, competitors competed in long boat and short boat classes to take home maybe the coolest trophy in the kayaking world! 


Showing the final results of the competition!


Thanks to everyone for such a great Saturday! Keep your eyes out for next weekend!


Here are a few photos shot by my wonderful Girl Friend Sara Luna. Check it out! 


Tino looking on during the competitors meeting. 

Competitors preparing for the race.

Tino Specht checking out the race course. 

Tino Specht cruising through his first lap.


A close up of the amazing trophy that sits just at the start ramp...for motivational purposes ;)

Tino Specht coming through in the long boat class. 

Final Results

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