Gym Class

Sep 22, 2014

While the BC teachers were on strike, what was one to do with an active 9yr old..? A little biking was on the agenda, along with some hikes, but then finally when the weather warmed up we decided it was time we do some kayaking. 

For those of you who have taught children to kayak, you know it isn't something you typically push on the kid. You don't want to freak them out and have them hate it. It can sometimes be a very slow and long process until they feel comfortable. 

And although I have tried a couple times to get my own kid into the sport, I have tried not to force it. I figured if I proclaimed my love for kayaking enough, eventually she would take the hint and want to give it a go..... and success!!  

And so began our water themed gym classes. There was a lot of 'follow the leader', and a bit of 'I bet you can't beat me to that rock island', and a ton of 360's. Teaching, or should I say tricking, kids is super fun when they have no idea they are learning.

As we approached the last set of rapids (the biggest of the day) her stoke was high, my stoke was high, and all I wished for was all to be super stoked at the end. 

We both smash through the waves (the very cold waves might I add), and before we get to the end she screams 'that was turbo awesome, can we do that again?'. Phewf! We're all stoked.

We left the day wanting more... thank goodness for that because now I will always have a paddling partner :) And although the teachers and kids are now back to school, our gym classes will still go on because, hey, why not! Kayaking is 'turbo awesome' some might say!

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