Double Action

Maybe I am a bit late boarding this train but recently I have found a serious love for double kayaks. A friend of mine had been grilling me all summer about teaching her to whitewater kayak. Everyday's conversation started with, "So when are we going to go kayaking?" Having worked every single day this summer (as guides do), the last thing I wanted to do was to teach someone to kayak on a day off. But with her 'through the roof' level of enthusiasm coinciding with a weak moment on my part- I promised her we would go before the end of the summer. 

So, I sent her a text with a time and a place... she wet her pants with excitement and we were off! We got to the put in of the Kananaskis River, I gave her some Level Six gear to look cool and stay warm, then we got on the river and did some successful practice rolls.


Well accept for that roll... Yeah we both earned a booty beer that day (note how she is still a 10 on the stoke-O-meter). Anyway, we had so much fun- me trying to drench her in any wave I could find, and her screaming before every wave she hit!


We also had a good time watching our buddy/ safety boater/ photographer paddle through some 'honkin' waves' as she called them.

After our two runs down the Kan, we surfed the bottom hole a few times where we finished off her day with a swim.  Even though she didn't exactly learn to kayak like she though, she said it was way better than she could have imagined. Also, I had no idea that dynamic duo's were so responsive and easy to steer! They are a great way to get someone introduced to the sport without having to spend time in a pool or on a lake.


Anyway, at the end of the two laps I had to sneak some time in for myself and I finished off my day with one more lap and some soul surfing! 

Happy Paddling!

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