Is there a better way to finish off 2014 that flying to Mexico with 2 of your buddies and do some waterfall paddling? There wasn't for me anyways! I flew off from Montreal on the 7th of December and met up with Dylan Page and Mike McKay at Aventurec in Tlapacoyan, Mexico. The goal was to sample the rivers of VeraCruz and their amazing steep gradient! 




Aventurec is like a summer camp for adults if you like being damp most of the time, walking in the muddy jungle and scaring yourself on big waterfalls and steep rivers! With that in mind, we were lucky enough to find good flows on the Road Side and Big Banana sections of the Alseseca River and also on the Lower Jalacingo and Truchitas.


Paddling in VeraCruz, Mexico is accessible for most of class V paddlers with previous experience at running waterfalls. You will definitely need a solid and reliable boof. You should also be able to read and run class IV rapids. That being said, you can start by warming up on the Road Side were most rapids are scoutable and the bigger drops can be portage. Then you can venture out in the jungle to run Big Banana but be prepared to run blind 20' or so waterfalls!  








  • Honey

    Andy, Sue, Shelby and Daniel,I just found that you posted the video and song. Thank you so much! I’ve been quite hulmbed by the fact that this little song has found a place in so many paddler’s hearts.Thanks for helping it find a home.

  • ForzamipiaceilDeborailenia

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