My new favorite . . . L6 Neoprene lined shorts

Rarely, in the Pacific Northwests' glacier-filled rivers, do I ever get to enjoy wearing a shorty drytop and shorts, especially when I paddle Class IV/V rivers.  The water temperature is frigid and I like to dress for that occasional swim and/or rescue.  My typical gear for these cold, canyoned rivers is my drytop and splashpants or my drysuit (which is overkill in 90 degree weather).

BUT NO MORE . . . My new favorite "SUMMER" paddle short is the Level Six Neoprene lined capri (they are a "men's only" short ~ fyi).  Typical of all the other L6 gear, I love this short because of its' style.  I can see these shorts being perfect for personal paddling days, teaching kayaking and chill days doing stand up paddle boarding.  They seem super ideal for the raft guide, too! 

So even though there is only one river that I can enjoy a shorty drytop on here in the Northwest, I can now enjoy multiple rivers this summer in some rad shorts and know that I will stay warm.

Thanks Level Six . . . always moving forward!

Heather Herbeck

Team L6


  • Saurav

    Thanks Barry,I’m 6 ft tall, and I use the 9 ft paddle for stand up pnddliag.I paddle mostly on one side (canoe style), with a slight J stroke, to help tracking.Try it, and you’ll see it’s easy, effective, and fun Yoav

  • Danara

    I have had this bag now for over 9 months and can hnotsely say it has more then surpassed my expectations. It stores everything I need when out with family or friends to catch all the action in one convenient place.In the center of the bag I have the following:1. Rebel XT body2. Canon 430EX Flash3. 17mm-85mm Lens4. 75mm-300mm Lens5. Sony Handycam Video Recorder6. Power plug for charging Video RecorderOn the sides I store the Battery Chargers and Batteries for Flash, Camera and Video Camera, plus Tapes for the Video Camera. The front holds all the manuals for everything and a few extra Memory Cards and lens covers. Even after this, there is still space in the bag for other things. The bag has held up very well and can see no signs of wear or tear after dragging this bag all over the place for the last 9 months.

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