Level Six' Head of International Sales Rhys Hill places 1st at Ottawa's Dragon Boat Fest!

Jun 30, 2015

This past week Tim Horton's held it's annual Ottawa Dragon Boat Fest at Mooney's Bay. Level Six was there and so was our Head of International Sales / Olympic Sprint Kayaker Rhys Hill! Naturally, his team terrylonghorn.com won the 500m, 200m, and 100m events! They believe to have had their personal best in the 500m of 1:54! Joining him on the boat were 3 Olympic kayak athletes as well as current national team canoeist Ben Tardioli. Oh, and it should be noted Rhys was rocking the L6 Presley shorts to race in.

I got the chance to interview the man of the hour!

Yo Rhys - Head of International Sales! Congrats on your team winning this year’s Dragon Boat Festival! Since you’re pretty much famous now, here are some questions for ya: 

How did you get involved with Dragon Boat Racing?

I got involved with dragon boat racing probably 12-13 years ago when a crew from Nortel asked me to race for them.  At the time I was a competitive kayaker at the Rideau Canoe Club and one of the members of the Nortel team was a member of the club and looking to fill a few spots.  I raced at the Ottawa festival most years ever since with a few different teams, including the Level Six dragon boat team that won the Ottawa festival several years in a row.  I began coaching Dragonboat as well in 2013.

When did you start Dragon Boating(?) One or two words.. still unsure.

12-13 years ago.  Began coaching in 2013                

How long does it take you to prepare for a race? 

About 3 beers

Nice! Any tips for newcomers to the sport?

The most important part is to have fun.  It’s dragon boating.

What was your choice of drink at the post-win after party?

Waterloo pilsner did the trick nicely. 

Last but not least, would you ever be on a team with the rest of the Level Six crew? We promise to stay sober during all race.

The real question is would the Level Six crew ever let me on their dragonboat team.  2016 here we come. 

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