October Move of the Month: The Renegade Row

Oct 31, 2015
Photo credit Blackfire Photography
Photo credit Blackfire Photography
I don't know about YOU, but I haven't been this excited about the upcoming kayaking season EVER!  Maybe because this has been the first summer we have experienced below normal flows since moving to the PNW.
Anyhow . . . we have been getting pelted with inches and inches of rain over the last few days and everyone is stoked.  SO . . . let's start prepping for a strong paddling season by training both on and off of the water!
October's move of the month is the "Renegade Row".  This exercise progresses nicely with the planks that I introduced last month.  Read that blog posting here
This exercise works all of the muscles that we work while holding the plank - core, shoulders, legs - but adds movement, which increases the intensity and challenge in all of these muscles, particularly the core.
As paddlers, it's important to have a strong 'back body' - back of the shoulder, upper back, outer back, lower back - as these muscles hold us in good posture and help keep our shoulders and hips healthy.
Here is how to perform the 'Renegade Row':
*  Take dumbbells or kettle bells and get yourself set up into a solid plank.  (See plank form here)
*  Lift the weights one arm at a time.
*  When setting the weights down, use TOTAL control.  Don't just drop the weights on the floor (this is where the real challenge comes in).
*  Keep your hips parallel to the floor.
*  To decrease the intensity of the exercise and increase the stability, widen your feet.
Okay, now it's up to you . . . start training for a great season ahead.
Heather Herbeck
Team L6
***  Please see your doctor before starting any new exercise program.  If you have any questions about this exercise, please contact your local trainer.  This exercise isn't perfect for everyone.
Heather Herbeck is a certified ACE personal trainer, nutrition specialist and owner of Fitness & Sport Evolution.  She does gym and online training, so if you have any questions, give her a shout.

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