Jan 13, 2016

Back in Nepal for the sixth time .... it is a wonderful place, where nature and spirituality come together in a unique thing!



As you know last year the Nepalese population has been hit hard by the earthquake, which created major disruption and destruction. I felt the need to help the people of Nepal and organizing evenings of movies of my travels I have raised funds to build a school for the children ... and we succeeded !!! I went in November and the work began. I picked up with the image that remains of the historical culture of Nepal, not to forget !! 



With these photos I want to thank everyone who has believed in our project! The school in the village of Lamjung Namarrku in the region, began thanks to your solidarity contributions.



And in parallel we are also able to help the school here I work with orphaned Pokara years. and to contribute to the restoration of a small school located in the valley of Trisuli !!!

The Nepalese people thanks you NAMASTE and THANK YOU again for supporting me in this project GIGI


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