Low Water Spring?

Well, Spring is here. The weather is really warm. The snow and ice on the Ottawa River has melted.
However, the water levels have stayed low, so far!

This is usually the time of year when we are waiting for high water waves like Gladiator or Buseater to come in.

But, this year we are surfing Cornerwave, Babyface, and Garburator, which usually don't come in until the water drops in August.
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The bad news is the water is still cold. The good news is with a layer of Level 6 Hot Fuzz , a Mack drytop, and some Kevlar Mitts... I've been staying toasty warm out there.

So, I'm gonna enjoy the late summer levels while they last. I'll still be hoping for the water level to rise soon, though!

See you on the river soon!


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