Fall 2009

Summer was spent as per usual boating on the Ottawa with the odd trip to the Gat to catch High Tension. This year however differed in that I finished University and am now have a degree. No plans to do anything with that right now. For the past month I have been boating in British Columbia with a group of friends. It is a little different to driving at home in Ireland, driving from Ottawa to Vancouver takes the same amount of time as it does to cross Ireland 12 times, so you can only imagine to road rage... After finally getting to BC we have managed to get to Skook, through Squamish, Whistler, Revelstoke and Golden. It is always weird switching between creeking and freestyle, especially when you put 3 months in-between each switch. This year was no different in that switching was tricky, but boating out here has been amazing, once the snow begins to fall it is up to Big White in Kelowna to get on with making a living in the outdoors for a few years. Check in again soon.. DC

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