Cameron Creek - Alberta

Jul 16, 2012

With poor weather on the horizon, we headed towards Waterton, a diamond in the rough in my opinion. Waterton has an old Swiss feel to it, the picturesque town is in the middle of a national park and so is kept pristine. As it was May long weekend the town was busy, but we turned north just before the chaos and headed up the steep road to our put in. This river is famed amongst Albertan paddlers and gives those that are washed out of their local rivers due to snow melt a chance to paddle quality class V.

Right from the get go, this river offers up some quality creek boating. Most lines involve a number of moves and are a mix of drops and slides. The first section only takes about 45 minutes but it has your stomach in knots and your brain fired up with excitement.

Once past the first section, the river becomes a little more committing and you are faced with steep scree banks on river left, and dauntingly high canyon walls to the right, which only heightens your sense as you plough on through this gem.

There are a multitude of note worthy drops throughout this run, with a must-make boof into a cave and a aptly named Razor Remone to finish off the day.

Cameron Creek is without a doubt one of the best runs in Alberta. A most for any experienced boater!

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