Reign Dry Top Review

Jun 27, 2013

Hi Everyone!
I'm checking in from the banks of the Deerfield River in Western Massachusetts. Little to be known that there are some hidden gems located in these rolling hills!! Level Six has been doing a great job of keeping me safe and dry with great products, so I'd like to tell you a little about them.

This season I chose the Reign drytop, over the Mack 2.0. This was because in previous years I had always gone with the Mack 2.0. I wanted to test out the Reign. So the plan was to paddle everyday in it, until it became time to ditch the drytop for skin to win. I stuck to my pan and now can do a great review of the top!

Best features-

This thing can take a beating and your never going to rip it or get wear spots. The extra material on the elbows is great when you brush on rocks creeking. It also provides some extra protection if you aren't a huge fan of elbow pads like I am. The tough material should give it added durability so I will keep that in mind going forward!

Another great feature on this top is its pockets. You have access to a huge zipper pocket on your chest as well as the fleece lined hand warming spot! It is very helpful during the cold seasons!

-Cut and gaskets
The fit is excellent, some tops are too short on the arms or torso and the gaskets can sometimes be so tight you need to trim them. That is never fun. This top fits very true to size and is ready to go right out of the wrapper.

-Velcro tabs on inner tunnel
The inner tunnel can be synched down via the velcro tabs, this is great. Most tops have a one size fits all system. This means if you are like me 6' 1" 180 and wear an XL top and you dont have this the inner tunnel is hugee and it will slide up your skirt letting more water in.

Last but not least, everyone knows you want to be flashy and stylin' out there on the water. Level six does a great job of making sure you look sharp with all of their awesome colors of every product!

Well thats about it for now! I will be wearing it all the time from here on out as well looking at its durability!

Here is a link to my new video, the Reign top is all over this one!



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