MEXICO - Our second home

Jan 28, 2017

My first trip down to Mexico was in 2006, exploring the rivers in Veracruz with Stookesberry and the rest of the Jackson Kayak crew.  Since then, I have been back over a handful of times (7 to be exact).  

Nate and I were invited down this year to film the 9th annual Alseseca Race.  Out of the 4 years we've filmed this race, this was the first that I focused solely on helping Nate film.  Needless to say, it made me really miss racing, so next year I will figure out how to do both.  

3rd Drop in Sister's

PC:  Jim Janney

120 ft (ish) rappel below 2nd Tomata

PC:  Tom Janney

Gearing up for the rappel in the banana trees

PC:  Tom Janney

Taking in the beauty in 7 Sister's

PC:  Tom Janney

This year the river levels were a bit on the low side, which made it possible for Nate and I to explore a couple new stretches of river.  We connected with a group of 4 amazing people and boaters from the Southeast and had new adventures on the Lower Jalicingo and 7 Sister's (Alseseca), as a solid group of 6.

20 footer above "Twisted Pleasure"

PC:  Jim Janney

Here are a few shots from our trip.  Hope to see y'all down there next year for the 10th annual Alseseca race . . . word has it that it is going to be BIGGER and BETTER than ever . . . and, that means it's going to be totally AWESOME!

 PC:  Sheer Madness Productions

Quick guide to your own Mexican kayak adventure:

Location in Mexico:  Tlapacoyan, Veracruz, Mexico

Rivers:  Alseseca, Filobobo's, Jalicingo, Oro, Octopan 

Stay:  Aventurec

Date for next year's race:  Race is typically the second weekend in January

Travel:  Fly into Mexico City.  Take a bus to Puebla.  Then bus to Tlapacoyan.  Taxi to Aventurec.  From there, you pay for shuttles to all the rivers through Aventurec.

Food:  Amazing food every day!!!!  Even though it's fun to experience the culture in the town, the food at Aventurec is so delicious.


Video by Sheer Madness Productions

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