MEXICO - Our second home

My first trip down to Mexico was in 2006, exploring the rivers in Veracruz with Stookesberry and the rest of the Jackson Kayak crew.  Since then, I have been back over a handful of times (7 to be exact).  

Nate and I were invited down this year to film the 9th annual Alseseca Race.  Out of the 4 years we've filmed this race, this was the first that I focused solely on helping Nate film.  Needless to say, it made me really miss racing, so next year I will figure out how to do both.  

3rd Drop in Sister's

PC:  Jim Janney

120 ft (ish) rappel below 2nd Tomata

PC:  Tom Janney

Gearing up for the rappel in the banana trees

PC:  Tom Janney

Taking in the beauty in 7 Sister's

PC:  Tom Janney

This year the river levels were a bit on the low side, which made it possible for Nate and I to explore a couple new stretches of river.  We connected with a group of 4 amazing people and boaters from the Southeast and had new adventures on the Lower Jalicingo and 7 Sister's (Alseseca), as a solid group of 6.

20 footer above "Twisted Pleasure"

PC:  Jim Janney

Here are a few shots from our trip.  Hope to see y'all down there next year for the 10th annual Alseseca race . . . word has it that it is going to be BIGGER and BETTER than ever . . . and, that means it's going to be totally AWESOME!

 PC:  Sheer Madness Productions

Quick guide to your own Mexican kayak adventure:

Location in Mexico:  Tlapacoyan, Veracruz, Mexico

Rivers:  Alseseca, Filobobo's, Jalicingo, Oro, Octopan 

Stay:  Aventurec

Date for next year's race:  Race is typically the second weekend in January

Travel:  Fly into Mexico City.  Take a bus to Puebla.  Then bus to Tlapacoyan.  Taxi to Aventurec.  From there, you pay for shuttles to all the rivers through Aventurec.

Food:  Amazing food every day!!!!  Even though it's fun to experience the culture in the town, the food at Aventurec is so delicious.


Video by Sheer Madness Productions

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