Ryan Liquorish

Name: Ryan Liquorish

Hails From: Leicestershire/England

Favourite River: River Dee flood levels

Favourite Level Six Gear: Mack dry top, Mitts

Story: Since an early age I grew up whilst being around a paddling environment, with my dad having me crew the front of his open boat every trip he did. Although as I grew older I slowly parted from paddling, after a while away from a boat I jumped back in a kayak and started getting hooked pretty quick, spending most of my spare time either on the river or in a pool practicing freestyle. In the summer of 2010 I began to paddle with a small group of extremely talented paddlers who helped progress my skills to competition level. Next season will be my third year of competition and I hope it goes upwards from there.

Plans for this summer: This season I hope to keep improving my freestyle paddling with the help of Sweetwater coaching, pushing for new combo moves.

-world cup series ( strong possibility)
-all leauge events
-all selection events
-hurley classic
-tvf 5th anniversarty event
-gladiator of the sluice
-peak uk summer sizzler and some other less serious fun competitions

-the world cup series in usa
-some trips around the country to rivers and creeks ect

Claims to fame (other than being a level six athlete): Beating EJ at the British champs.

Other Blogs/Sites: http://www.sweetwatercoaching.co.uk/