hails from: Québec city                                                                                                                                                                         
  favorite river: Alseseca (Mexico), the Valin, the Mistassibi,  Jacques-Cartier, Lachines, Huit-Chutes, Sept-Chutes,    Stikine... 

  favorite L6 gear: Hot fuzz unisuit combine with the emperor dry suit ! best weapons for Quebec's cold water

  story: I've always like playing in the water. I discovered whitewater kayaking in a summer camp at the    age of 12. At 13 I bought my first kayak and I struggle to learn and find people who want to bring me on  the river with them. A few years later I was an accomplish whitewater paddler. Around 2011 myself and  a few young guys from Quebec have built, in a basement, around a beer what is now known as Quebec  Connection. With this awesome group of people, I'm traveling around the country and around the world  to enjoy life and do what we love the most: KAYAKING !

Plans for this summer: Start the season in the US, Enjoy Stakeout in Quebec, Trip in the north of the province of Quebec to document unknown rivers, raft guiding on the Jacques-Cartier river, Stikine?, Train for extreme races, travel and enjoy the kayaker's lifestyle.

claims to fame:
Member of Quebec Connection
first descents in Quebec
3rd in the Red Bull Neilson river race 3 years in a row

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