Level Six Welcomes Team Manager Matt Hamilton!

Level Six Inc. is happy to announce the hiring of their team manager. The position has been awarded to long time level six team member, Matt Hamilton. Matt will be looking after all aspects of our team.

Matt is a transplanted Ottawa River local who is originally from Hamilton, Ontario. Matt brings to the table over 30 years of whitewater paddling experience. A long time slalom competitor turned freestyle paddler, Matt has represented Canada at numerous paddle sports events around the world. Spending most of his paddling time on the Ottawa, Matt still manages to travel to many of the larger paddle sports events in Canada and the USA. For a number or years Matt worked on the industry side of paddle sports as both an inside tech rep and an independent sales representative. 

Matt will be spending the next month getting the team ready for an amazing season on the water in 2014. There are lots of exciting new things coming down the pipes!

For question or inquires: Please more information email info@levelsix.com or matt@levelsix.com


  • Chrystal

    This guy is a bit of a dick. If he wants to sell gear to women, he shouldn’t make jokes about a woman’s size.

  • Shane

    Congrats Matt,
    From my time in hanging out in the Ottawa Valley and on US road/river trips I can definitely say that your knowledge, experience, advice and expertise on and off the water will serve you well.

    Best of luck with the new position and all the adventures it brings.

  • Cameron Dube

    Congrats Hamilton! You’ll do a great job, no doubt!

  • Kalin

    Congrats Matt!

    I echo Dave’s sentiments. I’m proud of ya, buddy and you’re gonna do a great job keeping us all in line. :-)

    Looking forward to sharing an eddy with you soon.


  • matt h

    Thanks Dave,
    hope all is well and we get to paddle together sometime soon.

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