Stikine Round 3

Stoked at the Put In
My third trip down the Stikine, not as scary or intimidating but just as amazing. We had a solid international group with tons of previous experience on this run, and in my opinion a near perfect level. 8 people, 2 Canadians, 2 Americans, 1 Aussie, 1 Czech, 1 Argentine, and 1 Spaniard. 1 Person with 4 previous trips, 2 with 2 previous trips, 2 with 1 previous trip and 3 newbies. With the level being between my two previous trips I knew exactly what I was getting into, I knew the must runs and I knew what rapids I wanted to walk and could, this made me very comfortable dropping in, much more than my previous two trips. That being said it's the Stikine and still dished out a few surprises. 
With all of our previous experience we where able to crush out the normal day 1 and 2 sections relatively quickly including two descents of site zed, Aniol and Galen. I absolutely love the day two section, so many good rapids and my favorite part of the river in terms of scenery, all capped off with the Wall my personal favorite rapid of the run, although it is a close call between V - Drive. There really isn't much else to say since the best way to experience the Stikine is driving up there and putting on. If you have the experience and skill put it high on your to-do list, if you don't have the skills, start training, it's worth the effort. Enjoy a couple pics from the trip.
Bryce and Jakub, dropping into the Upper portion of Pass/Fail
Galen, Site Zed
Day 2 Scenery
Sam holding on in V-Drive
Stoked at the takeout

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