Winter 2013 in France!

We didn't have always the time to surf the best waves in the world … Sometimes the level of the water is not perfect, winter is harsh and the sun's rays are scarce, but … Motivation and the pleasure of being on the water remain intact! Even with difficult conditions, we can train and have fun with good gears!

See for yourself! ;)


Hiver 2013 from Marlène Devillez on Vimeo.


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  • Eneng

    I think Europeans and other cultures unestdrand the need for time out and the positive effects it can have better than Americans. For the last ten years of my working in the corporate world, I only took a full week’s vacation twice. It was just too hard to get off for that much time, and the pile on my desk would be so high when I got back that I knew it would take me months to catch up.

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