before boarding height Chiese upper 2000 meters of the river that excitement home!

....Excuse me please tell me for refuge might Val di Fumo?????Thank you



coming soon the video,

have a good paddling,



  • Shalyvie

    The way you describe your week-long reartet sounds so luscious and invigorating. Your last sentence especially summed it up beautifully for me. I could not agree more. And, though it may sound counter-intuitive, casting away responsibilities once in a while might be the most responsible thing we can do. Great post. I think I’ll plan a family getaway now.

  • Ignacio

    It was a Blogger-wide problem. If you click on the Blogger Help bttuon and then on the help forums, you can usually find out what’s happening and also leave a message with your problem. That’s the only way to let them know what needs fixing. I was missing comments, too. Hope it all gets back to normal soon.

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