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You have never enough, let’s go to south africa! we already decided the journey, map in hand, we arrive in johannesburg and we rent a toyota, first stop Paris.

The first leg is in the center of the rafting center of Corran Addison’s father, we’ll find there our canoes  that we’ve rented online, when we were in italy.

We did not even familiarize with the surroundings, and we were already sailing in river’s waters, just a couple of hours after our landing in south africa…..The wiew is wonderful and we end the day with the first south african sunset! 



I just let you imagine the beauty of South Africa’s rivers, and i’ll update you about the great time i had in this wonderful country!  

Have good paddling Gigi :-)



Ico Schutte:


Which rivers did you guys do?

Aug 25, 2014

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