Erft Rodeo coming up!

Feb 25, 2011

So the nearest  thing that's close to a proper hole in the Netherlands is the Erft, just across the border in Germany. Lots of Dutch boaters make their first strokes here in whitewater and and tumble around in this sweet hole. For the more advanced boaters it's a perfect spot to train moves in actual whitewater. Maybe the main advantage is the subtropical temperatures of the water, even in winter time! That's because there's an elektricity plant just upstreams which uses the Erft water to cool its machinery. Awesome, as long as you drink enough coke to balance the increased bacterial growth!

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Photo credits to Arend-Jan Tettero

On arrival I start to doubt why I had not been there this winter yet, it's so perfect! Get dressed and jump into the water, sweet! My Levelsix Barrier drysuit was even a bit to optimistic, but it kept me perfectly dry and HOT. Next time I stick to neoprene trousers and a normal cag. My three comrades enjoyed their first time (since a long time) in a hole and all did a good job. I got a bit too excited explaining my girlfriend Lizzy how to paddle in a hole, while she had never paddled on whitewater before! Luckily somebody corrected me, haha!

So, soon there is a competition at this place, so all you Europeans head over there if you're in the neighbourhood and have a hopefully fun day! Register here:

Hasta luego!


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