Ottawa River Kayaking Spring 2011

Mar 22, 2011

It was the last official day of winter. The weather was sunny and temperatures above freezing. It seemed like a good day to kayak the Ottawa River.
However, after seeing that there was still a lot of ice and snow in some places on the river… I was pretty sure the water was going to be cold. I know… genius!
After a quick scouting mission, we knew the section we would be running was clear of ice. It was time to get ready to go on the river. I decided to wear two Level 6 Hot Fuzz Uni-Suits, a Barrier Drysuit, Kevlar Mitts, and a Blender Sprayskirt.
When paddling this early in the spring, it is really important for me to be as dry and warm as possible. A drysuit is amazing, if you have the means, I highly recommend one.
The Kevlar Mitts keep you hands warm even when they are submerged in the water. One of the most important things about buying gloves or mitts is to make sure you can grip your paddle with them on! I can probably grip my paddle better with my L6 mitts than with my bare hands.
With the right gear it will increase your comfort and the length of your paddling season… and that is priceless.

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