Whitewater Grand Prix

May 9, 2011

Well I had great intentions of keeping updates coming during this event but the schedule has been so action packed that I haven't even had time to pull my camera out.  The Level Six Athletes are repping hard, we're spread throughout the pack but we're only half way through the competition so anyone could take the title from here...

The competitions have been off the hook so far!  The freestyle event on 'Gladiator' had everyone biting their nails as the dreaded ledge just below the wave sat in wait.  Fortunately the ledge didn't claim any victims that day (although I did come very close).  Although it was a tough wave to catch and surf, it was awesome to see the huge tricks being thrown down!  I managed to get a surf and a trick to give me a win for the womens, but it took several trashings in the pit to get there and Ben Marr dominated the mens.

The second event on the Rouge River was another big water affair.  The waves and holes were bus sized and the line was pretty much straight down the guts.  An awesome day although freezing cold, especially spectacular to watch was the mens mass-start seeding run (22 guys), and the 8-man final, it was carnage and soooo entertaining.  The women had two runs, the first of which was a good battle and I managed to get another win.  Nick Troutman won the mens ahead of Bryan Kirk after some video replay judging as it was so tight.

The third race had everyone's hearts pumping out of their chests, a lot of competitors choosing not to tempt fate and take practice rides and some of those who did ended up going for a swim.  It was Burly as!  A staunch double drop, into another drop with a sticky hole at the bottom, big crazy water, another drop with a sticky hole at the bottom into more big crazy water into a big volume slide where you can't see anything and you hang on till you go flying off a drop half way down, then hang on some more through crazy big water and don't get stuck in the swimmers hole just before the finish line....basically full-on from top to bottom.  My nerves increased as I sat at the start line and radio calls came in of people swimming, 8 people had swum before it was my turn.  So I went for it and got eddied out after the very first drop (between the double)...Great!  It was a boily uphill battle but I managed to get myself out but my energy levels were done.  I managed to keep it together , hit the lines and basically hung on to the end, so stoked to still be in my boat and not be bleeding.  And as a bonus I won another event.

So now we are up north getting ready for another freestyle event.  It's a bit high for black mass unfortunately so tomorrow we're splitting up and going on a reccy to see what else is good in the area, there are plenty of options apparently so should be good times.

Thanks to Pat & Julie and all the other helpers, so stoked to be part of this event, it's wicked fun!

Also, thanks to Level Six, not sure what I would do without my barrier drysuit right now, sooooo good.  Stoked to be rockin the elbow pads too after yesterdays run :)

Sorry I don't  have pics, go to www.whitewatergrandprix.com and there are a tonne of pics, sick vids, full results so far and more...

Also www.bombflow.com have been posting some entertaining vids including behind the scenes.

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