World championship 2011 in Plattling

Jul 8, 2011

How could I describe the World Championships in Plattling with a few worlds ?! It’s impossible ! It was simply magical…

As soon as I got there on Saturday the 18, I put on my new Level Six Duchess dry top and I couldn’t think of anything else but sail ! I discovered a fast hole, ideal for aerial moves and Mc Nasty. Everyone was taking a lot of pleasure, as well in the water as at the side. During my rides, I pulled off my huge loop, space godzilla and Mc Nasty on the left which was surprising since I had been working it on the right all year long. I came 6th after the prelims, then 7th after the quarterfinals.

At the river side everyone was widly excited ! Indeed, this event was mostly about being all together, meeting people, sharing… For example, I was so glad to compare my boat with the one of a japanese friend or to discuss techniques with Emily Jackson ! For the semifinals, I have been able to pull off my moves and control my stress. The level was so high that I was very proud to come 9th.

The Worlds were memorable with a incredibly high level in all categories. But I’ll mostly remember an amazing simplicity, warmth and pleasure to sail which remain the Freestyle values.

Thanks to the team France, the organizers, all the other competitors and to Level Six for these unforgettable moments !


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