Norway 2011 Roadtrip - Part I

Jul 16, 2011

After travelling 2400 KM yesterday and the day before I finally arrived in Norway and met up with some friends from Switzerland. My 2011 Norway roadtrip started, one month of finest whitewater in an amazing landscape, here we go. The first river on the schedule was the Rauma in Møre og Romsdal area in mid Norway. We started with the upper section. It is the perfect pool and drop river with some very cool rapids. Susanne Spoelmink was the only one of us three who paddeld this section before, so it was a bit exciting for Reiner Glanz and me.

Max Eberl @ Rauma, Norway

The sections starts with some smaller rapids until the first slide shows up. Directly after the slide there is a small drop with some nice backwash on the left.

Me going the first slide.

Max Eberl @ Rauma, Norway

The drop after the slide.

Max Eberl @ Rauma, Norway

In the middle of the section there is a cool combo called Little Huka Falls. You first go a small slide/drop thing of 12 ft than a short technical section ending in the main fall of Little Huka which is a 20 footer. Reiner went first and was a bit right of the perfect line. I went second and did the technical route with an eddie right before the lip, then went a bit left of the perfect line. Finally Susanne showed us guys how to catch the perfect line. Well done ;-)

The entry drop/slide to Little Huka Falls

Max Eberl @ Rauma, Norway

Me in the main drop, a bit too far left

Max Eberl @ Rauma, Norway

Tomorrow we are going to paddle the Upper and Lower Jori near the city of Dombas. It has some super fun slides and drops. So stay tuned for more.

Cheers, Max

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