Pyrenees trip + Pyrenees Buddies Race

Jul 17, 2011

Holy F... Long time I didn't post on LevelSix's blog.

Here a lil post about my trip in the Pyrenees (southern France, Spain/France border) on May 2011.
We had a sick week kayaking the jewels of the Pyrenees and at the end of the week took place the Pyrenees Buddies Race, the National Extreme Kayak Championship.

There were many kayakers from all France and spain.
Pyrenees are definitely a sick place to run the shitz on May in Europe.

We ran especially the Cauteret river which is a sick river. You can ran all the sections on 3 or4 days. And honnestly, no worry, you've some serious beasts in all of them!!
We also ran the Gavarnie river, about me, the most beautiful river of the Pyrenees with crystal water and awesome sceneries!!!

About the Pyrenees Buddies Race, there were a individual race and a team race.
For the Team race, we made the Level6 team with Hugo Cailhol, Mat Coldebella and I. And yeah we ended 2nd after sick races!!!!!!
Thanks again boys, was so good to paddle with you!!

For the individual race, I paddled my best level during the whole event, was so good.
Finally I ended 2nd, even if I lost my 2010 title, I've nothing to regret and it was so good to see Eric Deguil back on top after broke his back few months before an wan the PBR 2011.

Well, if I can give you an advice, come in Europe and enjoy May in the Pyrenees!! ;-)
Ride life.

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