Promo videos of the Espace Eaux Vives of Saint Pierre de Bœuf

Jul 17, 2011

During my rafting season in Saint Pierre de Bœuf (near Lyon, France), I realized two little promotional videos for their website and locals medias

Here to begin the trailer (2minutes video clip):

Espace Eaux Vives Saint Pierre de Boeuf - Trailer from Val Grollemund on Vimeo.

Here you have the teaser (Advert clip):

Espace Eaux Vives de Saint Pierre de Boeuf - Teaser from Val Grollemund on Vimeo.

Feel free to contact them for more infos:
Tel. : 04 74 87 16 09
Cellphone : 06 86 75 44 63

Thanks to the Espace Eaux Vives, thanks also to the rafters, Andy, Gaspard and Florian!!
Seeya soon!!

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