Norway 2011 Roadtrip – Part III

The last week of my roadtrip I went North to do some scouting for the next season. The more you get North the landscape turns into a stinted landscape. There are not many trees, just small birch trees and many blueberry bushes. Yummy yummy :-D

North Norway

Entering Nord-Norge

Entering North Norway

After crossing the Arctic Circle I found some cool creeks which look like the perfect destination for the next trip. Most rivers I scouted have amazing bed-rock slides and drops. I was on the verge of doing some solo rides, but after having so many fatal accidents this year I yield to reason and did not run.

Amazing bed-rock creeks

Instead of doing solo runs I went hiking and put my LevelSix outdoor gear to some testing. I did some multi-days on the Lofoten islands. For me it is some of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. I was pretty lucky with the weather so the temperatures were most of the time >20° celsius. Just in the evenings it got cold, so my Rebellion Softshell did a good job. But the product I am most enthusiastic about is the Eddy Trekking Pant. It is super fast drying and absolutely cushy. Here is some visual impression of hiking on Lofoten.

Lofoten - EggumLofoten - KvalvikaLofoten - Kvalvika
Lofoten - RytenLofoten - BunesetLofoten - Buneset
Lofoten - Forsfjorden

So you do not get bored by all those landscape and hiking pictures I made a short edit of some rivers we paddled. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Norway 2011 from Team Liquidlogic Kayaks on Vimeo.

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    Somewhere Or Bust July 31, 2012 I’m with you David. Except if you travel with a wife or gniifrlerd, you must also make sure that their pack is around 40L or else you’ll soon be carrying their 90L bag while they enjoy singing your go light mantra.

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