Boundary Creek

Sep 26, 2011

Boundary Creek is a short steep run located on the U.S. Canada border in Waterton National Park. Boundary has only been run a handful of times since it's first descent 10 or so years ago, mostly due to the 1 hour flatwater paddle and 4 km hike to get to the put in, but it's worth well worth the effort needed to get out there.

A couple of km of warm up class 4/5 leads to the first major drop, Customs, a 10 - 15 foot angled drop into a big pool. We walked around the next section due to the high flow and a pretty uniform 10 foot recirculation with a nasty pocket on the left with no safety. Up next was Cavity Search, a 20 foot slot  drop. All you can do on this one is start high on the left and drop into the maw. Bryce and Pavel had good lines on this one and came out the bottom upright and paddling a way, I plugged it and went deep.  I could feel my deck press down on my legs until I popped up 5 - 10 seconds after going under, luckily the deck held and I popped up on the right in the big eddy.  A continuous section with a number 4 - 6 foot ledges in a tight gorge follows before opening up a bit with a couple of 8 foot ledges to lead you to the last big drop on the run, Whiteroom. It's a sharp right turn on a steep slide dropping 30 or so feet, it goes by really quick and was one of my favorite drops of the year.

The same weekend we managed to get on nearby Cameron Creek which drops into Waterton Lake through an amazing gorge. This run is awesome with around 15 - 20 drops and rapids ranging from easy class 4  ledges to the highlight rapid Wild Thing, a 10 foot ledge into a 50 - 60 foot slide. Bryce Shaw, Glen Carpenter, Pavel Bendl and myself made up a solid crew and we managed to run the whole canyon in just a couple of hours.  Sweet.

Here is a quick preview of some of the footage I've captured this year. It also serves as my entry into the Aquabatics film festival, I'll have a 7 or so minute movie up in the next month or so.

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