L6 Donates $7900 to Riverkeeper!

Dec 13, 2011

On December 18, the 3rd annual whitewater movie premier night was held in Ottawa at the Corner Bar in Westboro. Level Six was on hand as sponsor and was proud to hand over a check for $7900 to Ottawa Riverkeeper! In the past year, Level Six has been collecting 1% of all its online sales as well as a portion of sales of T-Shirt's at MEC and was glad to donate it to the cause!

Rivers are the arteries of the global water system. Without healthy rivers, this system will collapse and with it, life on our planet.

Right now, rivers around the world face threats from all directions. They are being drained for agricultural irrigation, dammed to generate electricity, and polluted by a multitude of industries. These threats are expected to get worse.

Considering the scarcity of freshwater and its importance to our ability to sustain life on this planet (not to mention our addiction to paddling), Level 6 continues to donate 1% of its on-line sales to the Ottawa Riverkeeper, an organization that is focusing its efforts on protecting the Ottawa river watershed.

Thanks to everyone who has ordered from us this past year, and thanks to Riverkeepers all over the world for their tireless work they do for the good of all waterways!

For a full recap of the night, click here.

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