Clothes Level six

I had the opportunity to test the Level Six clothes for 1 year during my daily training.I’m really happy with the Level Six products. I’ve been impressed by their quality, comfort, and style.

The rash and neoprene tops are really comfortable and it’s great to have cuts adapted for women. The material is good quality and keeps me comfortable and warm. It’s great to be finished with cold lycras that get itchy and gross after one month !

The Georgianc : Semi-Dry Paddling Pant is great for winter. The adjustable waist is a good feature that helps keep me dry. The neoprene ankles and velcro also keep me dry even when I’m in water up to my knees. I think the product is a good compromise between the Current : Semi-Dry Paddling Pant and the Reign Pant : Dry Pant.

The Duchess : Women's Long Sleeve Dry Top is very comfortable and the cut is great for women. I’m at ease making all my freestyle moves ! It adapts well to the body and the flexible material allows for mobility without sacrificing waterproofness. The wrist and neck gaskets  keep me completely dry. Otherwise this is a great freestyle drytop for fall and early winter. Because it’s really supple and close to the skin, I’d also recommend it to slalomers for winter training.



The Miss : Women's Long Sleeve Dry Top is thicker and warmer than the Duchess. It’s ideal for winter and its three layers make it unbeatably waterproof ! The wrist and neck gaskets plus the double tunnel keep the water out well. With this drytop I’m not scared to take on big waves at -5°C!


The Juice Lite : Rubber Rand Sprayskirt is really solid thanks to its reinfored sides, and the rubber rand is really watertight. I have not even a drop of water in my boat after 2 hours on the water. The only inconvenience is that it’s quite tough to put on the kayak because of the rigidity of the rand. It’s also difficult to get off,  making it a good skirt for pros but not for beginners who are still swimming !

Overall, I’m really happy with the wide selection of gear for men and women. I dig your colour and design schemes and always have trouble deciding what to pick cause I like everything ! I already want to see new products and test them! It looks really great!

Thanks for all LEVEL SIX!




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