COLORADO RIVER airborn update 1/3

Sep 16, 2012

In August I packe dup the car and drove away from the Ottawa Valley with my brother Kalob and Dad Kevin. We were on our way to Flagstaff Arizona for a 16 day trip on the Colorado River, Grand Canyon National Park. This was my second trip. I'd say I prefer the fall/ winter trips when there are no motor rigs, and you can make fires at night with the drift wood collected during the day. All said and done nothing beats a trip down the Grand Canyon with your old man.

Look for photo updates from the Canyon and other real life locations at Airborn Kayaking on facebook.

O look for two more  more updates here at level six too eh. Enjoy the photos and all the rain we have on the way this week in the Ottawa area... 10 days straight! Fall Buseater?

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1023"] Dear Creek through surprise valley to Thunder RIver and finally into tepeates. Don't miss this day hike or river will be calling you back.

I lapped Lava Falls three times and got some good video and photos of our rafts and oarmen. This rapid is a highlight of the trip. Big water similiar to Coliseum on the Ottawa in the spring... with a massive sieve on river right and a clear spring bottom left.

Water falling into our camp during a Flash Flood at "ledges camp"

amongst it.[/caption]

Mid-trip we rolled into my favourite camp from both my trips, "Ledges." Shortly after de-rigging and setting up the rain and hail started and didn't stop for two hours. Spout of water started pouring off the rim bringing down rocks and eventually turning into waterfalls... the revir rose and we geared up and got ready to peace downstream if it happened to rain harder or just not stop. Monsoon Season in the Canyon!

Peace, Love and Unity!


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