PGA (Post Granite Awesome) Tour - Video Diaries

Sep 18, 2012

[caption id="attachment_7438" align="aligncenter" width="682"] Tyler Fox dropping into Heath Springs Gorge, N. American River, Cali[/caption]

The past couple springs I have been lucky enough to find myself in the Whitewater wonderland of California's High Sierras with an amazing group of friends. Like paddling anywhere I am typically stoked after kayaking a river, but there is something different about this feeling while in Cali and it is hard to pin down exactly why.  Perhaps it is an intoxicating mixture of amazing whitewater, stunning scenery, perpetual sunshine and warmth, the easy of mutli-day trips, or any number of other factors that bring a smile. What ever this feeling is we have given it a name - Post Granite Awesome (PGA) and have been reveling in it every chance we get. Check out a couple videos put together by fellow PGA tour member Ben Jackson.
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Tyler Fox

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