A very good year.

2012 has been the best year. I had high expectations going into it at the start of April, I had been selected to compete in the North Fork Championship and tickets were booked to Norway, and by the end of August my expectations had been blown away. I was stoked to be racing at the North Fork, focusing on a top ten finish, so was super stoked to end up on the podium.  Days later I was off to Norway.  I knew Norway had good paddling, what I didn't expect was how great the scenery and the people were. By the end of the trip I couldn't stop talking about how I wanted to go back next year. In late July Rush Sturges invited me to do some filming with Sherpas Cinema in Revelstoke.  In just 5 days we managed to paddle and film a bunch of really good big volume rapids and waterfalls, I paddled two sections I had never done before and even surfed a new awesome wave all in my back yard. The Kootenays never seem to get old, I could paddle here forever. That trip was the most productive 5 days of boating I have ever done, a highly motivated crew with a single focus to paddle and film as much as possible in a short window.  Then in late August the Stikine came in.  I knew all year that if it came in I wanted to do it but I wasn't expecting it to actually happen. Luckily water levels, crew and weather all worked out pretty much perfectly and created an incredible trip, but more on that later.

Anyways here is some of the footage I picked up from this year. I hope you enjoy

A very good year.





  • Ben

    Thanks Stephen for an interesting and inofamrtive workshop evening in Riverton. Great to throw around some ideas with like minded positive people.Will defianatly be promoting my business more sucessfully, and look forward look forward to the next workshop.Kind RegardsPaul Kempthorne.

  • Tatiana

    I’ve been blog surfing today, and noecitd it on several others – as well as my own. A couple days ago I got so disgusted with my comments “disappearing” from blogs I read that I just gave up and lurked.Sorry, but I’m glad its not just me either. I’m with TK; I want to hunt down those comment hungry monsters. Some of my comments were very well thought out :(Ah well……..dhole

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