First descent very upper Amazon done!

Dec 3, 2012

[caption id="attachment_7911" align="alignright" width="300"] the crew with local Alonso in Cusco[/caption]

"Absolute despair and total exhaustion can be seen in our faces ... The entire creek disappears under a huge rock fall - no way to continue the journey by kayak. Initially, we are still motivated to rope up our boats with pulleys to the top of the first big rock. The whole dimension of the blockade can hardly be seen from this point and we're asking ourselves if it makes sense to continue our journey. What will be around the next corner?

Our local and contact person, Alonso, has organized a car for our expedition to the most upper Amazon. In front of the house we're living in, there's a taxi of the type "Toyota Probox". A roomy car with enough space for four persons with all their baggage. We're just not sure about its cross-country mobility but soon we're on our way north to the Laguna Lauricocha.

All in all it took us 56h to get from Cusco to the Laguna Lauricocha, our put in for the descent of the Rio Lauricocha.After 21 police controls and uncountable miles on gravel road we are finding ourselves in a small Indian town of Yanahuanca, where we took a last good meal in a Polleria - roasted chicken with french fries, soup and salad for round about 4$. In a small shop we bought food for the upcoming seven days.The road map gives us an idea what's coming next: The really bad roads have been marked white, the upcoming road is just grey and way thinner. Also the junction to the road can be only found with the help of the local people. A thin steep dirtroad, as wide as a car, is curling up to the high sierra of the Cordillera Raura."


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