Canoe be my Valentine?

Feb 13, 2020

4 Valentines Day Gift Ideas for your Favourite Canoeing Partner

Algonquin Canoe Tripping Pack

A tripping pack inspired by Canada's beautiful Algonquin Provincial Park, this timeless piece of gear is the perfect surprise for the tripper in your life. Get extra brownie points if you include a plan for your next canoe trip in the Valentines Day Card!

X-Traction Pin Kit

Your Valentine is perfect for you but they may not always be perfect on the river. The X-traction Kit ensures you'll be prepared when things don't go perfectly on the river with loops and carabineers allowing you to quickly rig a Z-drag to free a paddle craft.

Yoke Pad

What's better then having a soft yoke pad to ease the stress on your shoulders at the end of a long portage....wait maybe a massage would be better given it's Valentine's Day... 

Barrel Harness

We don't sell the barrels but this harness is the ultimate way to carry your barrel full of gear on a canoe trip. 100% bear proof and waterproof. 2 things you don't want when you're out enjoying nature, a soaking wet sleeping bag and a bear sniffing around. You want to be dry and alone 😉

Time together on the water

Give your valentine the gift they really want: Time together! Make it that much better by spending time together on the water. Go for a paddle followed by a glass of wine as you warm up by the fire. 

Let us know your favourite Valentines day cheesy saying in the comments below!

Our favourite: Canoe be mine?

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