Drysuits – Your ultimate paddling companion

Apr 16, 2018

You could argue that maybe your partner, friend, or dog is your ultimate paddling companion, but do they keep you warm, dry, and extend your paddling season by increasing your opportunities to get out on the water WHILE being happy? I’d say that’s hard to beat! Who doesn't want to extend there paddling season by a month on either end of your season?


If you have a friend that owns a drysuit, they will tell you the same thing, it’s a good investment. Imagine getting off the water at the end of a long day and your bone dry when you change and get into your vehicle. No soggy cold wrinkly skin, no shivers, just cozy comfort. Sounds great! Right? I'm sure i have you convinced! Now let’s talk about which drysuit is right for you.

Drysuits come in a variety of different styles to accommodate different types of paddling. We use different materials, fits, entry types, and features to make each suit work the best in the environment it is intended for. For a dry suit to be fully dry it will have latex gaskets on the neck, wrists, and ankles (or built in socks)

We use our Exhaust 2.5, Exhaust 3.0, Exhaust 3.0 S and Cordura in our dry suits. We also offer relief zipper options on all our suits, so going to the bathroom is easier. An important feature!

Want to learn more about these fabrics? Watch this video:

Our heavy duty suits that are made for whitewater paddling, sea kayaking, expedition paddling and for people that are hard on their gear use Exhuast 3.0, 2.5 and Cordura to offer the ultimate abrasion resistance while still being breathable. You can find these materials in our Emperor and Fjord dry suits.

The Emperor caters to the whitewater paddler and those looking for ultimate abrasion resistance. Its fit is designed to allow for multiple layering, so you can paddle in exceptional cold conditions. It offers uncompromising mobility and unrestricted movement. The flexible rear entry zipper allows for a better range of motion and comfort when you have a PFD on compared to a front zip drysuit.

The Fjord caters towards our sea kayak, and expedition paddlers looking for ultimate protection from the elements. It’s high cut vented collar, and storm hood help in rough weather, and the flexible rear entry zipper have the same benefits as the emperor. The added benefit here is the clam shell style opening and internal suspenders allow you to wear it like a bib in warmer weather. The fit also allows for layering under the suit.

Our lighter weight suits use our Exhaust 2.5 and 3.0 S fabrics. These suits feature no latex neck gasket, so they are 95-99% dry. The benefit is comfort, as the latex neck gasket can be quite restricting and some paddlers find it uncomfortable, but you do sacrifice 100% dryness if your neck is submerged in water. These suits are light, breathable, and comfortable and are made for flatwater paddlers. You can find these materials in our Orion and Trident dry suits.

The Orion was designed with versatility in mind. A great suit with a removable hood for harsh weather and the front zip entry makes it easy to get in and out of. Latex ankle gaskets rather then built in socks allow for more footwear options. The relaxed fit also allow for layering in cold weather. A great suit for all types of flatwater watersports.

The Trident is a stand up paddle board specific drysuit. This is our only drysuit that uses are unique Exhaust 3.0 S fabric. The fabric's 4 way stretch allows the suit to be extremely comfortable and unrestricted while still being completely breathable and waterproof. We made the fit on this suit slightly more athletic then our other drysuits because of the materials ability to stretch. The front entry zipper makes it easy to get in and out of and latex ankle gaskets allows you the option to decide how you would like your feet to connect with the board.

Hopefully now you have a better understand on which drysuit is going to be best for you, and it is going to be a staple piece in your gear bag!

One key piece of advice after your purchase a drysuit is to make sure you layer properly. Wearing fabrics that wick moisture away from your skin will help the suit breath, and keep you feeling warm and dry. Don't wear cotton! We recommend our Unisuit and Super Fuzz products for cold weather layering, and our coastal or mercury series for warmer weather or next to skin.


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See you on the water. Stay dry, and stay warm!

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