Freya Dy Suit Testimonial

Mar 17, 2020

"I had the pleasure of testing out the new Level Six Frey Dry Suit for the full year of 2019, including both the spring and fall dry suit season. I definitely pushed the limits of the Freya during the spring flooding that we had in the Ottawa Valley. I spent many days last spring living in it, often in water up to my waist as well as many days kayaking in it. There has been a lot of questions regarding the diagonal rear relief zipper, and I am happy to report that it feels like it’s not even there. It is low profile and super comfortable, wearing it around as well as sitting in my kayak. The diagonal zipper makes it easy to zip up and down, and there is no bunching around the waist like other dry suits on the market. " Katie Kowalski

Freya Dry Suit 

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