Level Six Is Going Green ♻

4 comments May 3, 2021

We are changing the paddle industry one less plastic bag at a time. 

Our entire business depends on water. That’s why we are committed to protecting the environment in every way possible!

Being a water-sport brand, we know it’s our responsibility to not only be active environmental players but also carve the path to set an example for all brands in the community too. 

When you choose Level Six, you choose to support an environmentally conscious team that is committed to providing a sustainable future for everyone. 

How do we do this? 

This year alone we have already cut down on 20,000 plastic bags by using single bag liners on shipping boxes, we’ve switched packaging to recycled cardboard, we’ve started rolling and tying our casual wear with extra fabric cutoffs, plus a lot more. 


Our Production Manager Addison Dark recently sat down with Paddling Life’s Eugene Buchanan to give an inside scoop on our latest environmental initiatives and what else we have in plan. Check it out: Click Here. 

All in all, at Level Six we continually strive to find ways to minimize our use of single use plastic packaging. That's why we are really proud to share one of our latest environmental updates that we think will make a huge difference in sustainability. 

As of now, none of our Dry Suits contain plastic in the packaging anymore. We are using 100% recyclable (and reliable) boxes for all our Dry Suits. Take a look yourself below as we unbox the Odin Dry Suit.


It is our perpetual goal to mitigate our impact on our natural environment and lead the water sports industry towards a brighter and more environmentally sustainable future. 

For as long as we are here in the paddle industry, we will always plan to assess our carbon footprint and work towards becoming a carbon neutral business in the future. 

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