Level Six Staff Picks - Christmas Gifts

Dec 3, 2019

With the Christmas holidays just around the corner, we asked our wonderful team to provide us with their Christmas picks for 2019. If you need a little guidance or some gift ideas, check out our picks for our favourite Level Six gear!


Annika Bunkis – Sales Specialist

Convection Neoprene Capri

“Since I am quite short (I’m a proud five foot two), I’ve always been a fan of capris since I never have to worry about legs being too long. Neoprene capris became a staple of my river gear over the past year while paddling in cooler water temperatures. The women’s convections are awesome with their flatlock seams (designed to prevent chaffing) and the grippy inner waistband (making sure your pants stay up no matter what you’re doing).”


Ian Purvis – Shipping Specialist

Jericho Neoprene Pants

“I have really enjoyed using the Jericho Neoprene Pants. They are very comfortable and help keep my body at the right temperature on the water. They have a few handy pockets for quick access to a granola bar or preferred snack. I have not had the need (yet) to cut any length off the bottom, but if/when that time comes, I will be glad that they come prepped for cutting.

Overall, they are a great layer to have if you’re planning on getting wet, and they make my legs and butt look… ah-mazing.”


Patrick Quinney – Sales Manager North America

Twelve-Six Ultra-Light ISUP

“The Twelve-Six Ultralight ISUP hands down my go-to for summer fun on the water. Living downtown, I don’t have much storage space and I also drive a small car, so I need something compact. The Twelve-Six Ultralight ISUP packs all the rigidity and durability you want from a SUP without the weight. The monolayer construction also makes packing this ISUP a breeze. The Twelve-Six Ultralight ISUP is also perfect for travelling, so if you’re going down south this winter and want to bring a kick-ass SUP board this is the board to do it with!”


Ashley Rae – Sales Specialist

Mist Hoody

“The Mist Hoody is hands down my favourite lifestyle clothing item here at Level Six! It's super cozy, has a UPF 50 rating, and is made of polyester with a quick-drying hydro shield nano yarn. As an avid angler, the Mist has been perfect for my spring and fall fishing adventures. I'll also throw my Mist Hoody on for cooler mornings and evenings during the summer months. I picked up this hoody when I first started working here at Level Six and have since added the other available colours to my wardrobe, too. There's also a men's version, called the Vapour Hoody.”


Kevin Cook – Project Manager / Marketing Manager

Duke Dry Top

“The Duke is my go-to dry top. I personally like lightweight fabrics and usually choose lightweight over durability in most cases. I love the feeling of barely noticing I have something on when paddling. The great price doesn't hurt either! In drysuit season I usually pair it with the breakwater bib for the ultimate lightweight dry combo! Even as an open boater!”


Brooke Wheler – Operations Manager

Shoreline Boots

“My pick is the Shoreline Boots. They have kept my feet dry and cozy at the cottage or just out splashing around in puddles. The soft upper part of the boots is great for several reasons. It makes them lightweight, easy to pack and there is less rubbing or chaffing. I have even retired my other rubber boots. The Shoreline boots are great for the city or the woods!”


Stig Larsson – Owner/Co-Founder

Vega Shorty Dry Top

“The Vega short sleeve dry top is my go-to piece for the big and warm water of the Ottawa River, which is only a short drive from our office. For playboating and surfing having a latex neck and arm gaskets along with a double tunnel is key for keeping water out of your boat so you can spend more time playing. The Vega shorty dry top is also great for keeping me comfortable on those mornings or evenings when the air is cool, but the water is warm.”


Nicholas Gagne – Designer

River Boot 2.0

“Our new River Boot is one of my favourite products I designed. They are lightweight and low profile making perfect for tight spots, where other bulkier shoes just don't fit. Use them in your playboat or sea kayak to stay warm and comfortable all day.”


Matt Dowdell - Customer Service & Warehouse Operations

Pro Guide Shorts

"I love the Pro Guide Shorts. The neoprene liner gives me the warmth I want on cooler conditions but isn’t so warm that I feel the need to jump in the cold water. They are my go to paddling shorts whether I’m in my canoe in the white water or on the SUP with dog. I’ve always preferred wearing neoprene on the water but didn’t always feel comfortable “showing off” in tights so having the built-in shorts overtop is totally clutch."

Addison Dark - Design & Production Manager

Nahanni Jacket

The Nahanni is the best all-around rain and paddling jacket. Made from Level Six’s eXhaust 2.0 UL fabric, this lightweight breathable material helps regulate my dad bod temperature and allows me to stay cool on hot and muggy day even though Im not a dad (I think?). The pit zips are also a nice feature to help increase ventilation. Don’t forget the double wrist cuff system that helps stop any water droplets from trickling down my arm as I'm swiping right on Tinder in the rain.

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