Our Environmental Pledge and Community Initiatives

May 5, 2020

Our Pledge To The Environment

The amount of single use plastic and waste in the retail industry is staggering. At Level Six, we continually strive to find ways to minimize our use of single use plastic packaging. Where possible we use 100% recycled cardboard, starch based compostable bags for individually wrapped items, single bag liners for bulk shipments, and rolled clothing items tied with twine or scrap fabric. It is our perpetual goal to mitigate our impact on our natural environment and lead the water sports industry towards a brighter and more environmentally sustainable future. 

We removed 9200 poly bags from our packaging in 2020 compared to 2019 and look to remove even more for 2021!!

1% Of All Direct Sales To Watershed Conservation

Our world, our duty.

It is our duty to preserve and cherish the environment, not only for the preservation of paddling but for the health and well being of the planet.

With every online order, we will donate 1% to various Watershed conservation organizations. Level Six does this by supporting local organizations who work towards protecting vital watersheds at the grass roots level.

Youth Paddling Scholarship

For 2020 we will pay the full amount to send 13 youth to try whitewater paddling for the first time. Clearly, youth is the future of our sport, and we have decided the best way to share our love and passion for paddling and the outdoors, is to get more kids on the water! We have selected a few schools around Canada and the US to start and hope to send as many kids as possible. By supporting Level Six you help support the many grassroots initiatives we run. 

Canadian Freestyle Youth and Next Generation Freestyle Program

100% of the proceeds go to the Canadian Freestyle Youth and Next Generation Freestyle Program put on by Canoe Kayak Canada Freestyle.

Each virtual raffle ticket is $5 (unlimited entries per person) one winner will be selected at random and announced at the Canadian Freestyle Team Alumni Fundraiser event at Whitewater Brewery July (Date TBD)

Includes free shipping worldwide to the winner.

We believe in Life on the Water for Everyone

As a community, we are stronger when we embrace our diversity. Level Six strives to create a respectful, inclusive, stigma-free and supportive culture within our watersports community and internally as a company. We want all individuals to experience the joy and personal growth that comes with life on the water.

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