The Adventure Report: Making the Outdoors Accessible

Feb 8, 2023

Adventure Report is an Ottawa-based organization that is working on getting people outdoors camping… for free!

Adventure Report was initially founded by local blogger Meg Kelly in 2017 with the goal of sharing detailed information about local hiking trails. The intention was to provide adequate, original information so that people in Ottawa could feel more confident getting outdoors and knowing what was available to them in the region and beyond. Check out for detailed trail reports.

Since that time, Meg’s understanding of the barriers that exist when it comes to getting outdoors has grown, and so has Adventure Report’s approach!

In 2020, when the Covid pandemic began and everyone was staying close to home, staying indoors, and feeling (beyond) stressed, Meg was struck by just how crucial to her well-being it was to spend time in nature.

She and her husband had been camping together for years, and she thought that sharing their camping gear with others might help get some people outdoors who wouldn’t otherwise go.

Meg started the Adventure Report Camp Kit Program in 2020, loaning out camping gear for free, and almost immediately knew that she would need more help because of how popular the initiative had become.

Local outdoor enthusiast, baller, snowboarder, and friend Asiya Hilowle quickly came on board to help grow the program!

Adventure Report recently wrapped up its 3rd year of lending and now has a team of 10 volunteers throughout the city who help to loan out car camping, backpacking, and canoe camping gear.

Camp Kits are designed to have every piece of gear needed to go camping, so borrowers have one less thing to think about when planning. Included are tents, sleeping bags + pads, camp chairs, headlamps, stoves, fuel, pots and pans, plates and cutlery… Everything but the kitchen sink!

They’ve also done their best to include gear that works for all community members, from a Halal Cook Set to Plus Size Sleeping Bags.

Last year alone, Adventure Report loaned gear to over 100 campers, and the team is excited to see what 2024 brings as they expand their program to Montreal!

If you’d like to see what’s available to borrow, you can take a look here.

If you’d like to donate gently used camping gear to the program, feel free to DM Meg on Instagram at @adventurereport. And if you’re interested in supporting the program financially, Adventure Report is able to accept donations here.

Level Six’s Donation

Level Six has donated some gear to the Adventure Report Camp Kit Program for next season. So in addition to having car camping and backpacking kits, you can now borrow a Canoe Camping Kit from the Adventure Report>

What’s included when you book the Canoe Camping Kit?

-Level Six’s Algonquin 55 Waterproof Top Loading Backpack
-Level Six’s Algonquin Waterproof Canoe Tripping Pack
-Level Six’s Bad Hass Barrel Pack

(plus everything else you need to go canoe camping)

We are incredibly proud to donate gear to this incredible organization and encourage all who are able to do the same. Every little bit that helps make the outdoors more accessible is a win!


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