Fall is for Freya!

1 comment Aug 31, 2020

As the weather is starting to cool off, it’s important to remember that there are at least two more months of paddling season left!

The Freya drysuit is a game changer for women. The combinations of front zip, bum zip and new lightweight fabric makes it simple to use, super comfortable and incredibly nimble.


I personally find both the front zip and bum zip to be crucial as it means I can easily get dressed on my own, go to the bathroom on my own and get undressed on my own.  These are all things that many people don’t think about until you are in the situation of needing to jump out of your boat on the side of the river to pee!

I’ve been asked if the angled bum zip on the back is uncomfortable? With it being flat, I don’t even feel it. The same goes for the front zipper – I do a quick tuck on the side once I’m all done up, as I am at the low end of the weight range for my suit and have a bit of extra fabric, and then I don’t feel it at all.


Grab a dry suit and extend your paddling season into the fall, plus start earlier in the spring! It’s also awesome to have for your New Year’s Day paddle when you shake off the dust on the gear.

Lee Vincent





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