In House Repair Services

6 comments Mar 10, 2022

Our Mission is Simple: to provide all those who love life on the water with a passion and confidence in the gear they are using.

At Level Six we have always stood behind our products and repaired our own equipment but it was a dream of ours to have a better setup to ensure all repairs were done so perfectly you couldn't tell it was a repair and came from the factory directly. Now that dream is a reality! When we moved into our new building last year the first thing we built was a dedicated repair room. We have been up and running a few months now with an amazing repair team. 

By providing warranty and repair services on site, we as a company can keep our products out of landfills and extend the lifetime of your purchase.

Remember to keep up on your dry-wear maintenance:

If your interested in our services as well as gasket replacements and would like tp purchase those services online please go to:

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