#Paddle4Plastics Recap

3 comments Jun 16, 2021

Last week we wrapped up raffle tickets for The Wasteland Plan's #Paddle4Plastics initiative, which went down at the Toronto Islands this past weekend on Saturday, June 12th. We received all your entries and we wanted to again recognize everyone who bought a $5 raffle ticket to help support TWP’s #Paddle4Plastics event. Of course, all proceeds went directly to The Wasteland Plan. And in case you missed the announcement on our social media story, the winner of the $350 Level Six gift card was…*drumroll please*... David Bellisario! 

Sad you couldn't win this time? Do not worry, there will be many more opportunities soon to get lucky and score yourself some Level Six prizes, we can’t wait for you guys to see what’s in store. Want to be the first to know about contests, giveaways, launches, and more? Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest AND subscribe to our newsletter.

We were really happy to see the turnout for TWP’s #Paddle4Plastics event! In total, they collected 694lbs of waste from the channels of the Toronto Islands, which is shocking, amazing, and a little bit terrifying all at the same time. We think TWP team is being rather humble, but they deserve a LOT more credit for the difference they are making in their community! We are really proud to support TWP in its efforts to help control plastic pollution in the community.

Check out their video of the event:

So, who is The Wasteland Plan? They are an awesome Waste-Conscious Eco-Business based in Toronto. Here are just a few of the amazing initiatives they take on: 

  • Earth Events: Healing + Sport + Waste Cleanup
  • Education: Wild + Virtual Waste Workshops
  • Circular Products: Low-Waste Apparel + Goods
  • Environmental Innovation: Collaborations

When the TWP team reached out to us (Niki & Savannah), we went ahead and looked into what they were all about. We quickly realized their environmental efforts and beliefs lined up significantly with what we are all about here at Level Six. To us, it was an easy decision to partner up with them and bring our two communities together. We learned about #Paddle4Plastics and thought that hosting a raffle for a Level Six gift card would be a great first start for our collaboration, and we are so happy that we did it. 

Here’s a little more about the awesome founders of The Wasteland Plan. You’ll get a feeling of why we’re already such big fans!

About Niki:

“Niki is a Marine Conservationist, eco-enthusiast, and adventurer with a varied history of intense outdoor training and a deep connection to water. She thrives on pushing her edge as well as supporting others to do the same when it comes to exploring new environments. Niki brings an uplifting, eco-spiritual approach to facing and embracing challenges within the natural world. Her understanding of species interactions comes from her combination of academia and adventure. As a master's graduate in Environmental Science, Niki's understanding of our natural world is firm though constantly evolving through a more adventurous approach to learning beyond a textbook. Niki is a trained Scuba Dive Master, Sailor, Free-diver, Surfer, Snowboarder, and Yoga Teacher. She has spent the better part of the last 5 years living out of a 70L backpack, traveling through the Mediterranean and tropical climates for marine conservation work, and self-work. Most notably, her experience working as a marine station manager in the Galapagos Islands built the foundation of The Wasteland Plan initiative. Niki has gained most of her enlightenment underwater where her breath always connects her back to intuition.”

Nikki Sesta - Co-founder and CEO of The Wasteland Plan

About Savannah:

“Savannah is a trusted outdoor adventure guide, entrepreneur, and outdoor enthusiast with diverse outdoor training and a strong connection to the earth. She thrives on embracing authentic, bright moments with those around her through her strong and evolving connection to the earth. She is drawn to the power and freedom of various bird species, as well as mountainous landscapes with grandfather-like trees. You will often find her pausing on a hiking trail to climb a tree, observe a wild interaction between species, and soaking up the final sun of the day with an inward meditation. Savannah is completing her degree this April 2021 in Outdoor Recreation and Leisure at Brock University. Paired with her studies, Savannah is drawn to learn more about indigenous culture, history, equity, and has begun to apply related practices and beliefs into her everyday life. In addition to her studies as well as co-founding TWP, she has worked as a private outdoor guide to local families in the GTA and Muskoka regions. Savannah truly embraces the self-confidence that she has gained through solo exploration and traveling. Most notably, her experience ascending Kilimanjaro has brought heaps of growth and clarity into her path. It is the moments that have pushed Savannah that have shaped her the most.”

Savannah Stephen -  Co-founder of The Wasteland Plan
Although not pictured, a special shoutout to an awesome team member of TWP goes to Anthony Robert-Frigon. He is the Creative Director behind TWP and is also from KWUCreative. At TWP, he creates ALL Earth Event video footage and is a master at capturing the essence and moods of TWP. 🙌

TWP wants us to continue to move with intention. If you’re in the area, join their upcoming events this season! Here is their Earth Event Calendar below:

Side note: They are holding a pop-up event this Saturday, June 19th with Steve from Breathing in Nature from 9:00 am - 11:00 am at Humber Bay Park East. Here is the enrolment form: https://forms.gle/EuzXrNocgvaATPKv9

The Wasteland Plan's 2021 Earth Events

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