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If you type the #SUPlife into the search bar of your social media, you'll find thousands of photos of people performing various yoga poses on SUP boards and even more photos of people's feet framed by the bow of a beautiful stand-up paddleboard. 

Living the #SUPlife is much more than an amazing Instagram photo for your social media timeline though (but when we say amazing we mean it! Your #levelsix photos look great! We love seeing your SUP pics).

Living the stand-up paddleboard life, via an epoxy SUP board or an inflatable board, means an escape from the hustle and bustle of the weekly work grind (and for many it's a breath of fresh air in the midst of a worldwide pandemic).

Beautiful Beach photo with stand up paddle boards near me

Standup paddleboards have been the hot button item of the summer, with many stores struggling to keep SUP boards and equipment in stock. As the world has turned upside down with Covid-19, more and more people are looking to spend time outdoors. Paddleboards (along with bikes) have been many people's passport to the great outdoors. Stand up Paddleboards are an easy and accessible way to get people outside and on the water. Whether you're an experienced paddler or a complete rookie, there's a board out there for you, no matter your age.

It's been scientifically proven again and again that spending time outside and among nature is good for you (not only physically but also mentally). Getting outside and on the water is extremely calming and refreshing in today's crazy world. Therefore living the #SUPlife today is much more than getting a cool photo, it has become a way to help people cope in the midst of everything going on.


Let us know how you're living the #SUPlife in the comments below!


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